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— Testing, Certification, Decertification, and Recertification of Voting System Hardware and Software
) When Certification Required ..... be construed as requiring a certification by a contractor or offeror in a ..... provision of law specifically provides that such a certification shall be ..... .— A requirement for a certification by a contractor or offeror ..... certification requirement is specifically imposed by statute; or
. Certification of compliance ..... concerned, make written certification that each agency has complied with the ..... September 30, 1985 . Such certification shall be
. Certification requirement ..... ) Transmittal of certification ..... The certification required by subsection (a), and the bases ..... for that certification, shall be submitted by the Secretary of the Treasury
Organic Certification Pub. L ..... limit the type of organic operations that are excluded from certification under ..... certification under any other related sections under part 205 of title 7, Code of
. Certification of the international application ..... (a) Certification ..... application or basic registration at the time of the certification ..... Upon examination and certification of the international
Whoever forges or counterfeits any certification authorized under ..... a genuine certification, or makes or knowingly uses or sells, or possesses ..... with intent to use or sell, any forged or counterfeited certification so ..... authorized, or device for imprinting any such certification, shall be fined
Pg. 1 of 323 • 3,224 results