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— Testing, Certification, Decertification, and Recertification of Voting System Hardware and Software
) When Certification Required ..... be construed as requiring a certification by a contractor or offeror in a ..... provision of law specifically provides that such a certification shall be ..... .— A requirement for a certification by a contractor or offeror ..... certification requirement is specifically imposed by statute; or
. Certification of compliance ..... concerned, make written certification that each agency has complied with the ..... September 30, 1985 . Such certification shall be
. Certification requirement ..... ) Transmittal of certification ..... The certification required by subsection (a), and the bases ..... for that certification, shall be submitted by the Secretary of the Treasury
Organic Certification Pub. L ..... limit the type of organic operations that are excluded from certification under ..... certification under any other related sections under part 205 of title 7, Code of
. Certification of the international application ..... (a) Certification ..... application or basic registration at the time of the certification ..... Upon examination and certification of the international
Pg. 1 of 322 • 3,214 results