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Valuation of Leased Machinery

Internal Advice; Related Parties; Unrelated final customer; Transaction Value

Application for Further Review of Protest No. 2704-21-150962; Sale for Export; Apparel

Application for Further Review and Protest No. 0712-19-100276; Valuation of apparel

Request for Internal Advice; Deduction of Royalty Payments from United States Sales Price; Fallback Deductive Value Calculation; Prior Disclosure

Sleepwear; Transaction value; Right to make entry

Request for Internal Advice Regarding Deductions from Entered Value of Softwood Lumber; Countervailing Duties; Anti-Dumping Duties

Request regarding valuation methodology for fabricated metals; Computed Value; 19 C.F.R. ยง 152.103(e); Reconciliation

Protest and Application for Further Review of 2801-19-100144; Reconciliation of Transfer Prices

Subheading 9801.00.25, and 9801.00.10, HTSUS; Exported to Canada and Returned to United States

Pg. 1 of 140 • 1,396 results