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Further Review of Protest No. 4601-04-101411; Titanium tubesheets from Japan Dear Port Director:

The tariff classification and status under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), of titanium tubes from Canada; Article 509

The tariff classification of titanium fittings of unspecified origin

PRD 0712-93-100436; Titanium Pipe, Reducer Spool Piece, Stub End With Flange, Pipe Fittings; Parts of Machinery for Producing Paper Pulp, Heading 8419; Denial of Protest for Failure to Provide Evidence in Support of Claim; 19 CFR 174.13(a)(6) Dear Sir:

The tariff classification of collet gland assemblies, glands, collars and plugs.

Tariff classification of certain titanium armor plates; Protest Number 0712-11-100002

Unused Merchandise Substitute Drawback Ruling Request

PRD 1001-93-108430; Titanium Fan Blade Panels for Processing into Fan Blades for Jet Engines; Articles of Titanium, Subheading 8108.90.60; Parts of Turbojets, Unfinished, Blanks, GRI 2(a); Civil Aircraft Agreement (CAA)

The tariff classification of titanium billet from Russia.

The tariff classification of titanium sheet from Japan.

Pg. 1 of 3 • 24 results