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Revocation of New York Ruling Letter (NYRL) 851655; Microvit A 500 S, Microvit A 650, And Microvit A 750

Protest 2402-93-100180; potpourri vase; glass vase and potpourri; 3307.90.00; timely protest; 19 U.S.C. 1514(c)(2); 19 CFR 174.12(e); 90 days; GRI 3(b); composite good; essential character; EN Rule 3(b); NY 852439; HRLs 952008, 087878, 088290, 951999; 951021; 951991; independent survey; GRI 3(c); 7010.90.50; EN 70.10; commonly used commercial for the conveyance or packing of goods

The tariff classification of Bath Preparations from China, Holland, England and Canada

Protest 3307-94-100054; alabaster articles; semi-precious; 9405.99.40; other parts of lamps and lighting fittings, not elsewhere specified or included; General EN 3 to Section XIV; EN Annex to Section XIV; EN 71.16; grade of stone; HRL 956092; HRL 955999; HRL 955355; HRL 954417; HRL 953213; HRL 952096; HRL 950057; EN 94.05; Note 1(c), Chapter 94; Additional U.S. Rule of Interpretation 1(c)

The tariff classification of Scented Sachets from China

The tariff classification of Woodies Green Apple Potpourri, Woodies Starfruit Potpourri, Woodies Peach Potpourri and Woodies Lemon Potpourri from England

The tariff classification of a 6-piece satin padded coathanger set from Taiwan.

Modification of Pre-Classification Review (PC) 835839, dated January 25, 1989

Classification of a surgical towel; need not be of pile or tufted construction to be classified under subheading 6307.90.8710

Classification of a "scented sachet"

Pg. 1 of 66 • 652 results