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Creamy Supreme Frosting, Cake Icings

Drink mixes; Tariff classification; Country of origin marking; USMCA

Modification of New York Ruling Letter (NYRL) E86861; Vanilla Icings

Country of origin marking for dry gelatin/sugar mix; HRL 735559; NAFTA; Article 509; 19 U.S.C. 1304; Part 102, Interim Regulations;19 CFR 102.11-General Rules; 19 CFR 102.18 - Rules of Interpretation;19 CFR 102.19 - NAFTA Preference Override; Essential Character

Revocation of HQ 964497, HQ 967563, NY 805860, NY 807382, NY 806349, NY A81526, NY B83306, NY B86542, NY D80530, NY D83344, NY D83345, NY F89359, NY H82031, NY H85600, NY L82138, NY N015991, NY N019259, NY N045475, NY N073508, NY R01312, NY N251352, NY N235188, NY 803800, NY N238296, NY 870767, NY 883426, NY 863959, NY N015994 and HQ 083698; Modification of HQ 963668, NY 807225, NY N042679, NY 818773, NY B86441, NY G89465, NY L88611, NY A86301, NY C82414, NY C82415, NY I87369, NY R01313, NY N158039, NY 860227, NY 804357, HQ 951849, NY 869626, NY C82572, NY C89506, NY A87589, NY A89697 and NY B80099; Classification of drink mixes.

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