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In the BCDA, all fish must be stored in designated facilities and in ..... accordance with conditions established by the Superintendent. Storing fish in ..... any other manner is prohibited. Employees may store fish in employee residences.
(a) Fish and fish products that are contaminated with physical matter ..... or other drug residues in fish tissues must be within applicable tolerances ..... under 21 U.S.C. 360b(a)(6). (c) Pesticide residues in fish tissues ..... must be within applicable tolerances in 40 CFR part 180. (d) Fish or ..... fish products containing violative concentrations of drugs or other chemicals are subject to condemnation.
food products for the importer's own consumption applies with respect to fish or fish products.
] (b) Farm-raised Fish and Shellfish: Hatched, raised, harvested, and ..... processed. (c) Wild Fish and Shellfish: Harvested and processed.
Farm-raised fish means fish or shellfish that have been ..... harvested in controlled environments, including ocean-ranched (e.g., penned) fish ..... , steaks, nuggets, and any other flesh from a farm-raised fish or shellfish.
Fish (Exempt from debit) 64 ..... Whole fish/bait ..... Whole fish/bait, sold 61 ..... Whole fish/discard at ..... Whole fish/discard, damaged. Whole fish
Pg. 1 of 236 • 2,357 results