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country of origin ..... the country of origin of the covered commodity ..... ) Designation of country of origin for lamb, chicken, goat, and venison meat ..... ) United States country of origin ..... exclusively having a United States country of origin only if the covered
States as country of origin for beef, lamb, pork, fish, perishable ..... origin for fish shall distinguish between wild and farm-raised fish ..... country of origin beef labeling system carried out under this Act ..... , subpar. (D) read as follows: “in the case of wild fish, is
) animal fats and oils and greases, and fish and marine mammal oils ..... 61(a) of title 13 , and oils of vegetable origin, including oils from
Legal Origin for Anadromous Fish Products ..... commence negotiations with nations which import or export anadromous fish or ..... anadromous fish products for the purpose of securing general agreement among ..... in anadromous fish or anadromous fish products unless such fish or fish ..... products are accompanied by a valid certificate of legal origin attesting
, appurtenances, stores, and cargo) used, and any fish (or the fair market ..... to the United States. All or part of such vessel may, and all such fish (or ..... ) discharge any fish seized pursuant to such process ..... section 1861(d) of this title , to release on bond any seized fish ..... . (2) Any fish
, receipt, purchase, or sale of fish or wildlife or plants taken or possessed in ..... documents and permits required by the country of natal origin, birth, or ..... reexport of the fish or wildlife. Any fish, wildlife, plant, property, or item ..... rem for forfeiture of such fish, wildlife, plants, property, or item ..... ; except that the Secretary may, in lieu of holding such fish, wildlife, plant
the establishment of such fish-rescue station there is authorized the ..... fish-rescue and fish-cultural operations in the Mississippi Valley; a ..... superintendent, two field foremen, four fish-culturists at large, one engineer at ..... large, one clerk, two coxswains at large, and two apprentice fish
Pg. 1 of 200 • 1,996 results