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§ 30113.
Statements filed with State officers; “appropriate State” defined; duties of State officers; waiver of duplicate filing requirement for States with electronic access
Statements filed; “appropriate State” defined
A copy of each report and statement required to be filed by any person under this Act shall be filed by such person with the Secretary of State (or equivalent State officer) of the appropriate State, or, if different, the officer of such State who is charged by State law with maintaining State election campaign reports. The chief executive officer of such State shall designate any such officer and notify the Commission of any such designation.
For purposes of this subsection, the term “appropriate State” means—
for statements and reports in connection with the campaign for nomination for election of a candidate to the office of President or Vice President, each State in which an expenditure is made on behalf of the candidate; and
for statements and reports in connection with the campaign for nomination for election, or election, of a candidate to the office of Senator or Representative in, or Delegate or Resident Commissioner to, the Congress, the State in which the candidate seeks election; except that political committees other than authorized committees are only required to file, and Secretaries of State required to keep, that portion of the report applicable to candidates seeking election in that State.
Duties of State officers
The Secretary of State (or equivalent State officer), or the officer designated under subsection (a)(1), shall—
receive and maintain in an orderly manner all reports and statements required by this Act to be filed therewith;
keep such reports and statements (either in original filed form or in facsimile copy by microfilm or otherwise) for 2 years after their date of receipt;
make each report and statement filed therewith available as soon as practicable (but within 48 hours of receipt) for public inspection and copying during regular business hours, and permit copying of any such report or statement by hand or by duplicating machine at the request of any person, except that such copying shall be at the expense of the person making the request; and
compile and maintain a current list of all reports and statements pertaining to each candidate.
Waiver; electronic access
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