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Classification of blended fiber textiles and textileproducts uses the weights of component fibers as they exist inthe goods as imported. The merchandise may be submitted to aCustoms laboratory for analysis and will be classified inaccordance with the results of that analysis.

Step-and-Repeat Machine; Photomechanical Platemaking Machine; Machine for Producing Multiple Images on Printing Plates; I.A. 42/91

Straps for Cameras

The tariff classification of the Photocard Kiosk and Software from Canada

The tariff classification of Projection Screens from Japan

Step and Repeat Mounting Machine; SPEEDSTAR 166 Autostepper; Plate Imaging and Developing Machine; Photographic Apparatus; 8442.20.00, HTSUS; PRD 0401-92-100069

Cine Analysers; Reconsideration of NY 876567; image projectors; negatoscopes; heading 9010; EN 90.08; EN 90.10

Protest No. 1704-93-100444; "FL500" Flaps bite-wing tabs; Chapter 90, note 2; HQ 087704; NY 837956; heading 3921; heading 9018; EN 90.18

The tariff classification of dry whole milk and nonfat drymilk from Australia, Belgium, Canada, the Netherlands, andPoland.

Application for Further Review of Protest No. 2809-95-101659; 19 U.S.C. 1520(c)(1)

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