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Pickup bed cover

PRD 3801-94-100473; Circular Steel Shapes; Steel Circles Cut From Sheet; Flat-Rolled Product, Heading 7208; Automotive Torque Converter (Transmission) Covers, Other Parts of Motor Vehicles, Subheading 8708.99.50; Fabricated Components, Original Motor-Vehicle Equipment, Automotive Products Trade Act (APTA); Blank, GRI 2(a) Dear Sir:

I/A 14/94; steel couplers and steel balls used for hitching non-mechanically propelled trailers; other articles of iron or steel; coupling device; trailer parts; motor vehicle accessories; Additional U.S. Rule of Interpretation 1(c); heading 7326; ENs 73.26, 87.08, 87.16; HQ 087704; NY 820876

The tariff classification of a Two-in-One Roadside Light from China and/or Taiwan.

The tariff classification of cushion ride rail gear from Canada

The tariff classification of a locking trunk extender from China and/or Taiwan

The tariff classification of shock absorber components from Germany

The tariff classification of cylinder bottoms from Spain

Protest 2304-94-100077; airbag sensors; sensor; wire harness; metal bracket; NY 840600; 8536.50.00; other switches; Kyocera International, Inc., v. United States; 9032.89.60; other automatic regulating and controlling instruments and apparatus; Note 6, Chapter 90; other parts and accessories of the motor vehicles of headings 8701 to 8705; EN 87.08; Note 2(f) and (g), Section XVII; General EN (III) PARTS AND ACCESSORIES, Section XVII; HRL 088477

Lighted Make-up Center; Glass Mirror; Illuminating Light; Tissue Dispenser; Kores Manufacturing Inc. v. U.S.; Parts and Accessories; HQs 952716 and 950166; GRI 3(b); Composite Good; Explanatory Note 3(b)(VIII); 8708.29.50

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