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Revocation of NY 816354; telecommunications receiver and transmitter

Application for further review of Protest No. 2809-93- 101232; 19 U.S.C. 1520(c)(1); mistake of fact; laser diode modules

FT8 and FT800N Solid State Image Sensors; Photosensitive Semiconductor Devices; Parts of Medical Diagnostic and Surgical Instruments; Charge Coupled Device; CCD; HQ 952164; HQ 089940; HQ 088336; HQ 088025; HQ 086847; HQ 086848; HQ 082266; HQ 082289; HQ 081819

The tariff classification of an Integrated Dewar Cooler Assembly (IDCA) from Germany.

The tariff classification of an infrared (IR) light detecting module from an unspecified country

Internal Advice; Ericsson, Inc., fiber optic module series 5000

Protest No. 3001-93-100077; Opto Sensor; Explanatory Note 85.36(I); Explanatory Note 85.41(B); Chapter 85, Note 5; 8541.40.95

The tariff classification of an 1227-type Astrotec lightwave receiver and a 1310-type Astrotec transmitter from Mexico.

Protest number 2809-9-001002; laser diode module; photodiode;Subheading 8541.40.95; Subheading 8541.40.20; Subheading8541.40.60; GRI 6; Subheading 8541.40; Heading 9013; Heading8517; EN 85.41(B)(2); EN 85.41(C); Chapter 90, Additional U.S.Note 3; subsidiary purpose; Heading 8517.81.00; EN 85.17; GRI3(a).

Tariff classification of a “Hall-Effect Current Sensor Integrated Circuit”

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