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Lamp, oven

The tariff classification of Electric Oven Glass fromColumbia.

Protest No. 3501-89-000049, dated June 15, 1989; "Jet-Stream Ovens"; GRI 2.(a); Essential Character

Reconsideration of NY 838307

Control panels/programmable controllers dedicated for use in microwave ovens.

Internal Advice request 47/90; electrical range top igniters;Heading 9613; Explanatory Note 96.13 (2); Explanatory Note 96.13;Subheading 9613.80.20; Heading 7321; Subheading 7321.90.30;Section XV note 1(m); Additional U.S. Rule of Interpretation1(c); Heading 8516; Subheading 8516.90.20; Section XVI note 2(b).

The tariff classification of a control panel assembly. The country of origin is not stated.

The tariff classification of a door lock motor assembly from China.

The tariff classification of a base plate assembly for a microwave oven from Thailand.

The tariff classification of an electric scent heater/diffuser from China

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