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19 U.S.C. § 1466; United States-Oman Free Trade Agreement

The Tariff classification and country of origin marking under the North American Free Trade Agreement for bone black from Mexico.

The tariff classification of a doll wig from Korea

Application for further review of protest no. 3805-0-000017; automotive upholstery fabric treated with acrylic plastic whereplastic is visible to the naked eye is considered coated fortariff purposes.

The tariff classification of dessert mixes from Germany

Protest Nos. 5201-12-100001, 5201-12-100002, 5201-12-100004, 5201-12-100005, and 5201-12-100006; Apparel; Peru FTA

United States-Korea Free Trade Agreement; Country of Origin; Pentaerythritol Polyethylene Glycol Ether Tetra-Thiol (“(PEG-Thiol)4”)

Revocation of HQ 963372, issued March 22, 2000

The tariff classification of tool sets from China and Taiwan.

Revocation of NY N279310; Classification of a girl’s upper body garment from Peru; Eligibility of garments for preferential tariff treatment under the United States-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement

Pg. 1 of 6 • 51 results