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Application For Further Review of Protest No. 3501-93-100290; Electronic Monitors or Pulse Meters

Protest 3501-93-100265; 19 CFR 141.68; 19 CFR 141.69(b); 19CFR 142.22; 19 U.S.C. 1315(a)(2); 19 U.S.C. 1448(b); 19 U.S.C.1673e(b); time of entry; antidumping duties; immediatetransportation.

PRD 3501-90-000180; Brake and Steering Control Unit (BSCU); Electrical Apparatus for Controlling Aircraft Braking and Ground Steering System; Programmable Controller, Heading 8537; Parts of Airplanes, Subheading 8803.30.00; Civil Aircraft Agreement (CAA); Section XVI, Note 1(l), (m), Section XVII, Note 2(f), (g); HQ 087979, HQ 950834

Protest No. 3501-92-100122; Extrusion Pullers; 8428; 8431; Note 2(a) to Section XVI; Note 3 to Section XVI; Modern Plastics Encyclopedia ("Pipe, tubing and profile takeoff"); EN 84.28; EN 84.77; NY 845797

The tariff classification of decorative braid from Japan.

Protest No. 3501-89-000049, dated June 15, 1989; "Jet-Stream Ovens"; GRI 2.(a); Essential Character

Protest No. 3501-8-000064 of July 26, 1988 and request forfurther review filed by Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co.,St. Paul Minnesota

Decision on application for further review of Protest No. 3501-93-100344, filed July 22, 1993; Walking Waldo cake decoration figures in heading 9502 as dolls; Not 3926 articles of plastics; Not 9505 festive, carnival or other entertainment articles; HRL 954996

Application for Further Review of Protest No. 3501-0-000241, concerning reimportation of a machine tool. Documentary requirements; 19 CFR 10.108

Modification of NYRL 840672 of May 31, 1989; Festive Articles; Christmas Articles; Not Christmas Ornaments

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