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Modification of New York Ruling Letter 847053;Classification of a Coated Textile Travel Bag; Outer Surface ofTransparent Plastics

U.S. shipping practices

Coastwise trade; foreign-built vessel; sailing school

Christmas Tree Ornaments

The tariff classification of nested tin plated steel boxes from Taiwan.

Honolulu Vessel Repair Entry No. H19-0010438-1 dated August 23, 1989; MAERSK CONSTELLATION, voyage 89-03. application; casualty; insufficient documentation, 19 U.S.C. 1466(d); 19 CFR 4.14(c)

Repetition of precedent alone is not a basis for relief; Supplementation of original entry after 2 years denied; inspections; transportation; drydocking; modifications Vessel: EXXON BATON ROUGE V-01/87 Vessel Repair Entry No. C10-4903433-8

Vessel Repair; Entry No. C16-0007698-3; SEA-LAND INTEGRITY V-35; Re-engining; modification

Protest No. 1001-0-201026; S.S. MORMACSTAR V-138C

Application for Further Review of Protest 28099-000887; Item 911.95, TSUS

Pg. 1 of 28 • 274 results