Regulations last checked for updates: Jun 17, 2024

Title 39 - Postal Service last revised: Apr 01, 2024
§ 3050.60 - Miscellaneous reports and documents.

(a) The reports in paragraphs (b) through (f) of this section shall be provided at the times indicated in paragraphs (b) through (f).

(b) A master list of publications and handbooks, including those related to internal information procedures, data collection forms, and corresponding training handbooks by July 1, 2009, and again when changed;

(c) The items listed in paragraph (b) of this section in electronic form;

(d) Household Diary Study (when completed);

(e) Succinct narrative explanations of how the estimates in the most recent Annual Compliance Determination were calculated and the reasons that particular analytical principles were followed. The narrative explanations shall be comparable in detail to that which had been provided in Library Reference 1 in omnibus rate cases processed under the Postal Reorganization Act (by July 1 of each year); and

(f) An update of the history of changes in postal volumes, revenues, rates, and fees that appears in library references USPS-LR-L-73 through 76 in Docket No. R2006-1 (by July 1 of each year).

[74 FR 20850, May 5, 2009, as amended at 83 FR 49295, Oct. 1, 2018; 85 FR 81141, Dec. 15, 2020]
source: 74 FR 20850, May 5, 2009, unless otherwise noted.
cite as: 39 CFR 3050.60