Regulations last checked for updates: Jun 17, 2024

Title 39 - Postal Service last revised: Apr 01, 2024
§ 3050.20 - Compliance and other analyses in the Postal Service's section 3652 report.

(a) The Postal Service's section 3652 report shall include an analysis of the information that it contains in sufficient detail to demonstrate the degree to which, in the fiscal year covered by its report, each of its products (market dominant and competitive) comply with all of the applicable provisions of title 39 of the United States Code and the regulations promulgated thereunder, and promote the public policy objectives set out in title 39 of the United States Code.

(b) Its analysis shall be applied to products individually, and, where appropriate, to products collectively.

(c) It shall address such matters as non-compensatory rates and failures to achieve stated goals for on-time delivery standards. A more detailed analysis is required when the Commission observed and commented upon the same matter in its Annual Compliance Determination for the previous fiscal year.

[74 FR 20850, May 5, 2009, as amended at 85 FR 81139, Dec. 15, 2020]
source: 74 FR 20850, May 5, 2009, unless otherwise noted.
cite as: 39 CFR 3050.20