Regulations last checked for updates: Aug 05, 2021

Title 23 - Highways last revised: Jan 27, 2021
§ 230.109 - Implementation of specific Equal Employment Opportunity requirements.

(a) Federal-aid highway construction projects. The special provisions set forth in appendix A shall be included in the advertised bidding proposal and made part of the contract for each contract and each covered Federal-aid highway construction subcontract.

(b) Direct Federal highway construction projects. Advertising, award and contract administration procedures for direct Federal highway construction contracts shall be as set forth in Federal Acquisition Regulations (48 CFR, chapter 1, section 22.803(c)). In order to obtain information required by 48 CFR, chapter 1, § 22.804-2(c), the following requirement shall be included at the end of the bid schedule in the proposal and contract assembly:

I expect to employ the following firms as subcontractors on this project: (Naming subcontractors at this time does not constitute a binding commitment on the bidder to retain such subcontractors, nor will failure to enter names affect the contract award):

Name Address Name Address
[40 FR 28053, July 3, 1975, as amended at 51 FR 22800, June 23, 1986]
source: 40 FR 28053, July 3, 1975, unless otherwise noted.
cite as: 23 CFR 230.109