• To : New ACE Programming, EDI
Subject: ACE Drawback “Lesser of” NAFTA Claims
When ACE deploys for Drawback, it will be the sole Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system for 
the Drawback program.  Drawback manufacturing claims for export to Canada (CA) or Mexico (MX) under NAFTA must be filed based on the ’lesser of’ either the duty paid in the United States or the duty paid in the NAFTA country.   In cases where the final product exported to CA/MX was manufactured from more than one imported part,  ACE Drawback is designed to allow for multiple line input in the 43 record (Import Revenue Claimed).  In the claim amount field, the “lesser of” duty amount paid should be allocated across each line.  An even allocation is not necessary, so long as the amount totals the lesser duty amount claimed.  See ACE CATAIR Drawback for complete description and calculation of claim amount.
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