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Subject: Electronics CEE Team Codes, Accelerated Roll Out and Points of Contact
On January 15, 2014, CSMS Message Number 14-000033 was issued to provide notice of the ten team 
codes assigned to each of the ten Centers of Excellence and Expertise (Centers).  The team numbers assigned to the Electronics Center are 007, 017, 027, 037, 047, 057, 067, 077, 087 and 097.  In order to maintain uniformity amongst all Centers the Electronics Center will utilize team numbers 007, 017 and 027 for participating Center accounts (i.e., accounts that volunteered to participate in the Center under the Federal Register Notice and are required to provide virtual submission of documents to the Center).  The remaining Electronics Center team codes will be used to identify when port import specialist teams and corresponding industry workload have transitioned to the Electronics Center.

On January 20, 2015, CSMS Message Number 15-000040 was issued to provide notice of Delegation Order Number 14-004, which delegates all authorities provided for in Title 19, Code of Federal Regulations that are vested in Port Directors to Directors Centers of Excellence and Expertise (Center Directors).  CSMS 15-000040 further provides that effective January 28, 2015, the Electronics Center will assume trade authority for post-release trade processes of entry summaries in certain ports.

General inquires to the Electronics Center can be directed to the CEE-Electronics@cbp.dhs.gov email address or to the main Center telephone line at 1-866-295-76274.

See additional details in the attachment.
Attachments: Electronics_CEE_Implementation_Team_Codes.pdf