• To : Automated Broker Interface, New ACE Programming
Subject: 14-000521 Correction
Corrected to include the attached document.

Attention software developers: The new ACE Cargo 
/ Manifest / Entry Release Query CATAIR chapter has been amended. The new version will be posted to the Draft Chapters for Future Capabilities as soon as possible.

During initial trade testing in the Certification environment an issue with the naming convention for the input and output records was discovered. This has resulted in the necessity to re-designate the record identifiers; the application codes for both input/output will remain the same CQ/C1. The changes are extensive in that they impact the input record and all output records. Fortunately the changes only involve the record identifiers and not the data itself nor the programming logic. A complete list of the changes made to the ACE CATAIR chapter are attached.
Attachments: ACE_CATAIR_Changes.doc, ACE_CATAIR_Changes.doc