• To : Automated Broker Interface, ACE Portal Accounts, Ocean Manifest, Rail Manifest, Truck Manifest
Subject: Weekly ACE Production Outage beginning June 28, 2014
Weekly ACE Production Outage beginning June 14, 2014

Please be advised that the regular 
ACE Production maintenance window is scheduled to begin on Saturday, June 28, 2014 at 2300 EDT and may possibly be extended on Sunday, June 29, 2014 until 0700 EDT (7:00 am). 

** IMPORTANT ** Between the hours of 0000 EDT (12:00 midnight) and 0500 EDT (5:00am) the weekends ACE outage also includes maintenance to the ACE database. ACS Air AMS and ACS ABI will not be available during this approximate five-hour outage. 

The following fixes may impact ACE ABI Entry Summary filers:

ACE_CR_4079 - Enable functionality to allow a trade participant to submit a CATAIR MO message to request a reroute of a PMS statement.

ACE_IR_1037 - Addresses conflicting responses from ACE and ACS by rejecting an Entry Summary Create/Update AE transaction when an OI-Record Invoice Description does not contain data (i.e., left blank). 

ACE_IR_1833 - Addresses an issue where two class codes ('068' -Refnd/Trsfr/Exp:PRCO' and '070' - Refnd/Trsfr/Exp:PRCO USVI') confusingly appear as a class code detail on a periodic monthly statement; these will be eliminated.

ACE_PR_47647 - Fixes a problem where condition "REMOTE FILING LOCATION UNKNOWN" is incorrectly returned in an Entry Summary Create/Update AX response; the condition will be changed to read "REMOTE PREPARER NOT AUTHORIZED FOR PORT." 

ACE_PR_48129 - Fixes a problem where an Entry Summary Create/Update transaction is accepted in ACE in a scenario where an FCC segment has a duplicate FCC Line Number specified in an adjacent FC01-Record. 

ACE_PR_48149 - Fixes a problem where ACE incorrectly generates an ACE SYSTEM FAILURE in a scenario where a required FC02-Record does not follow an FC01-Record. (The correct response should be an "FCC QUANTITY CANNOT BE ZERO" condition). 

ACE_PR_48417 - Fixes a validation inconsistency and an incorrect returned condition when an Entry Summary Create/Update AE transaction contains an invalid FCC Quantity Amount. 

Please contact your Client Representative if you have questions.