• To : Ocean Manifest, Rail Manifest
Subject: ACE Fixes Scheduled for Deployment to Production on September 8,2012
Please be advised that during the normal system outage scheduled for Saturday, September 8, 
2012, the following corrections impacting the Ocean/Rail software developers will be deployed to ACE PRODUCTION : 

 Rail Consist/TS-358 failure when insufficient Line Release entry numbers remain in broker's entry bank (Carrier/Manifest)
Fixes a problem where a rail consist TS-358 fails when there are insufficient line release entry numbers in the Broker's 'entry bank.'
 Cancel Arrival of Inbond via Portal is not populating the X402 & X403 in the TS-350 correctly (Carrier/Manifest)
Fixes a problem where the X402 and X403 segments in the TS-350 message are not being populated when an inbond arrival has been cancelled.   
 Trade unable to process 355s from standalone security filings because IG requirements are violated for ST02 and SE02 (Carrier/Manifest)
Fixes a problem where the trade is unable to process a 355 response to a standalone security filing because the IG requirements are violated for ST02 and SE02 segments. 
 FTZ Admission entries disappear after an FTZ BOL is amended(Carrier/Manifest)
Fixes a problem where an FTZ Admission entry disappears after an FTZ BOL is amended. 
 Standalone CAMIR Security Filing messages are being rejected in error
 (Carrier/Manifest)Fixes a problem where a standalone CAMIR Security Filing message is being rejected in error.
 Carriers can only link 500 Consignees to their Acounts (Carrier/Manifest) Fixes a problem where a Carrier can only link up to 500 Consignees to their account.
If you have questions related to any of these issues, please contact your Client Representative.