• To : Automated Broker Interface, Ocean Manifest, Rail Manifest
Subject: Subsequent Inbonds in ACE Allowed only after full Inbond arrival
In the legacy Automated Broker Interface (ABI) a subsequent in-bond may be transmitted via the 
In-bond Transaction (QP) after the first arrival posting for the previous in-bond (even if that arrival is not for the full in-bond quantity) but in ACE, subsequent in-bonds may not be transmitted via QP until the previous in-bond is completely arrived.  It is important to note that all QPs will be transmitted via ACE effective September 29, 2012.  

If your business practice is to transmit one in-bond covering multiple bills of lading, transmission of any subsequent in-bond will need to await the arrival of all the merchandise covered by that in-bond.  When a subsequent in-bond QP is transmitted in ACE prior to the previous in-bond’s complete arrival, the QP transmission will receive the error ‘Prev Inbond Move Must Be Arrived’ (error code 181).  This is the indication that the previous in-bond has not been arrived in its entirety.

If you have questions related to this new requirement please contact Mr. James Swanson at [email protected].