• To : Truck Manifest
Subject: Truck e-Manifest UN/EDIFACT In-Bond Processing Correction
This message is for trade participants using the UN/EDIFACT standard in truck e-manifest to 
report the arrivals and exports of inbonds in ACE:

In CSMS #08-000040 you were informed that the procedure to report inbond arrivals and exports by container/equipment was to use the CUSREP message with a DOC0160 record recording the action (arrival/export), an RFF0170 record with the code AGP and the container/equipment number, followed by a second DOC0160 record to provide the inbond number or bill of lading number referenced in the container/equipment.

It has been brought to our attention that this procedure is contrary to the UN/EDIFACT standard which states that the DOC0160 record has a maximum use of one.  It violates the order of records to have a DOC0160 following a RFF0170.  Finally, the information provided is redundant and is found elsewhere.

The following is the correct procedure for reporting an inbond arrival/export by container/equipment:

There is only one DOC0160 record.  
The BGM record reports whether the action is an arrival (98) or export (833).
In DOC0160 C002 1001 provide either a code 700 for waybill or 950 for inbond number.  
In DOC0160 C503 1004 provide the actual bill of lading number or inbond number referenced in the container/equipment.
In RFF0170 C506 1153 provide the code AGP for Company issued equipment ID (container/equipment). 
In RFF0170 C506 1154 record the container/equipment number.  

This procedure guarantees adherence to the UN/EDIFACT standard.