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; and transfer of marine sport fish program of Bureau of Sport Fisheries ..... Bureau of Commercial Fisheries in Department of the Interior and Office of ..... which were administered through Bureau of Commercial Fisheries or were ..... respect to Great Lakes fishery research, Missouri River Reservoir research ..... Organization and Employees, which transferred Bureau of Fisheries from
fisherman to carry out a commercial fishing operation ..... . (7A) The term “commercial fishing ..... ) the catching or harvesting of fish, shrimp, lobsters, urchins ..... ) The term “commercial fishing vessel” means a vessel used by a family ..... fisherman” means— (A
of fishermen, seamen, and apprentices, 46 ..... ; —Wages of fishermen, seamen, and apprentices ..... , livestock, poultry, and fish, if they are held primarily for personal, family or
, 119 Stat. 188 , inserted “OR FISHERMAN
–8, § 1007(c)(2) , inserted “or commercial fishing operation” after
debtor’s farm or commercial fishing operation
“Transportation and Infrastructure” for “Merchant Marine and Fisheries” in introductory
“Transportation and Infrastructure” for “Merchant Marine and Fisheries ..... to the Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries and the Committee on
the Director of the Fish and Wildlife Service, or the Director’s ..... the Assistant Administrator for Fisheries for the National Marine ..... Fisheries Service, or the Assistant Administrator’s authorized representative
Pg. 1 of 219 • 2,186 results