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the establishment of such fish-rescue station there is authorized the ..... fish-rescue and fish-cultural operations in the Mississippi Valley; a ..... superintendent, two field foremen, four fish-culturists at large, one engineer at ..... large, one clerk, two coxswains at large, and two apprentice fish
resources and fish and wildlife management on military reservations and ..... required report on military expenditures for fish and wildlife management.
. Assistant Director for Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Programs ..... There is established in the United States Fish and Wildlife Service of the ..... and Sport Fish Restoration Programs ..... Director for Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Programs shall report directly ..... to the Director of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service
. Establishment of fish hatchery in West Virginia ..... establish, construct, equip, operate, and maintain a new fish hatchery in the
substituted “2006, except for ‘farm-raised fish’ and ‘wild fish’ which shall be
United States Fish and Wildlife Service ..... . (2) “Great Lakes fish and wildlife” means ..... fauna, fish, and invertebrates dependent on Great Lakes resources, and
persons to promote fish conservation ..... results through strategic actions of Fish Habitat Partnerships that lead to ..... better fish habitat conditions and increased fishing opportunities by ..... investment by Fish Habitat Partnerships ..... fish habitat conservation by
matters related to the consumption of fish and fish products ..... ; (3) “fish” means finfish, mollusks ..... business of catching or growing fish for purposes of sale ..... person in the business of importing fish or fish products into the United ..... markets fish or fish products outside of the United States for sale or other
reef fish fishery ..... vessel to fish for Gulf reef fish in the Gulf of Mexico Exclusive Economic Zone ..... mortality from barotrauma in Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish Recreational Fisheries ..... — (A) will release fish at a depth sufficient for the ..... fish to be able to recover from the effects of barotrauma
authority for fish and wildlife ..... require Federal licenses or permits to hunt and fish on Federal land; or ..... or diminishes the responsibility or authority of States with respect to fish
Pg. 1 of 137 • 1,370 results