U.S Code last checked for updates: Jan 04, 2022
§ 857–15.
In general

The Committee shall submit an annual report to the President and to the Congress setting forth an assessment, on a selective basis, of the status of the Nation’s marine and atmospheric activities, and shall submit such other reports as may from time to time be requested by the President or the Congress.

Review by Secretary

Each annual report shall also be submitted to the Secretary of Commerce, who shall, within 60 days after receipt thereof, transmit his or her comments and recommendations to the President and to the Congress.

Annual report submittal

The annual report required under subsection (a) shall be submitted on or before June 30 of each year, beginning with June 30, 1978.

(Pub. L. 95–63, § 4, July 5, 1977, 91 Stat. 266.)
cite as: 33 USC 857-15