U.S Code last checked for updates: May 19, 2024
§ 3412.
Use of information
Transfer of financial records to other agencies or departments; certification
Mailing of copy of certification and notice to customer
Court-ordered delays in mailing
Exchanges of examination reports by supervisory agencies; transfer of financial records to defend customer action; withholding of information
Exchange of records, reports, or other information
Transfer to Attorney General or Secretary of the Treasury
In general
Nothing in this chapter shall apply when financial records obtained by an agency or department of the United States are disclosed or transferred to the Attorney General or the Secretary of the Treasury upon the certification by a supervisory level official of the transferring agency or department that—
there is reason to believe that the records may be relevant to a violation of Federal criminal law; and
the records were obtained in the exercise of the agency’s or department’s supervisory or regulatory functions.
Limitation on use
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cite as: 12 USC 3412