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§ 12573.
Types of national service positions eligible for approval for national service educational awards
The Corporation may approve of any of the following service positions as an approved national service position that includes the national service educational award described in division D as one of the benefits to be provided for successful service in the position:
A position for a participant in a national service program described in subsection (a), (b), or (c) of section 12572 of this title that receives assistance under subsection (a) of section 12571 of this title.
A position for a participant in a program that—
is carried out by a State, a subdivision of a State, a territory, an Indian tribe, a public or private nonprofit organization, an institution of higher education, or a Federal agency (under an interagency agreement described in section 12571(b) of this title); and
would be eligible to receive assistance under section 12571(a) of this title, based on criteria established by the Corporation, but has not applied for such assistance.
A position involving service as a VISTA volunteer under title I of the Domestic Volunteer Service Act of 1973 (42 U.S.C. 4951 et seq.).
A position facilitating service-learning in a program described in section 12572(a)(1)(B)(vi) of this title that is eligible for assistance under part I of division B.
A position for a participant in the National Civilian Community Corps under division E.
A position involving service as a crew leader in a youth corps program or a similar position supporting a national service program that receives an approved national service position.
A position involving service in the ServeAmerica Fellowship program carried out under section 12653b of this title.
Such other national service positions as the Corporation considers to be appropriate.
(Pub. L. 101–610, title I, § 123, as added Pub. L. 103–82, title I, § 101(b), Sept. 21, 1993, 107 Stat. 794; amended Pub. L. 111–13, title I, § 1303, Apr. 21, 2009, 123 Stat. 1499.)
cite as: 42 USC 12573