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§ 3961.
Salaries of chiefs of mission
Except as provided in section 3942(b) of this title, each chief of mission shall receive a salary, as determined by the President, at one of the annual rates payable for levels II through V of the Executive Schedule under sections 5313 through 5316 of title 5, except that the total compensation, exclusive of danger pay, for any chief of mission shall be subject to the limitation on certain payments under section 5307 of title 5 or the limitation under section 3962(a)(3) of this title, whichever is higher.
The salary of a chief of mission shall commence upon the effective date of appointment to that position. The official services of a chief of mission are not terminated by the appointment of a successor, but shall continue for such additional period, not to exceed 50 days after relinquishment of charge of the mission, as the Secretary of State may determine. During that period, the Secretary of State may require the chief of mission to perform such functions as the Secretary of State deems necessary in the interest of the Government.
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cite as: 22 USC 3961