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§ 1834.
Reduced assessment rate for deposits attributable to lifeline accounts
Qualification of lifeline accounts
In general
Factors to be considered
In determining the minimum requirements under paragraph (1) for lifeline accounts at insured depository institutions, the Corporation shall consider the following factors:
Whether the account is available to provide basic transaction services for individuals who maintain a balance of less than $1,000 or such other amount which the Comptroller may determine to be appropriate.
Whether any service charges or fees to which the account is subject, if any, for routine transactions do not exceed a minimal amount.
Whether any minimum balance or minimum opening requirement to which the account is subject, if any, is not more than a minimal amount.
Whether checks, negotiable orders of withdrawal, or similar instruments for making payments or other transfers to third parties may be drawn on the account.
Whether the depositor is permitted to make more than a minimal number of withdrawals from the account each month by any means described in subparagraph (D) or any other means.
Whether a monthly statement itemizing all transactions for the monthly reporting period is made available to the depositor with respect to such account or a passbook is provided in which all transactions with respect to such account are recorded.
Whether depositors are permitted access to tellers at the institution for conducting transactions with respect to such account.
Whether other account relationships with the institution are required in order to open any such account.
Whether individuals are required to meet any prerequisite which discriminates against low-income individuals in order to open such account.
Such other factors as the Corporation may determine to be appropriate.
For purposes of this subsection—
Insured depository institution
Lifeline account
Availability of funds
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