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The tariff classification, user fees, and country of originmarking of footwear from the Dominican Republic ; CBI-2 .

The tariff classification of circuit breakers from the DominicanRepublic

The tariff classification of footwear from Dominican Republic for duty-free treatment under U.S. Note 2(b), Subchapter II, Chapter 98, HTSUS.

The marking requirements and status of footwear under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), U.S. Goods Returned, and CBI II, involving seven different scenarios.

Application for Further Review of Protest No. 1512-95-100216; applicability of duty exemption under U.S. Note 2(b), subchapter II, Chapter 98, HTSUS, to cotton hammock mattresses produced in Costa Rica; CBERA; HRL 556919; 9802.00.8040; assembly charges not dutiable

The tariff classification of electrical contactors from the Dominican Republic

The tariff classification of footwear assembled in the Dominican Republic.

The Country of Origin Marking and Classification of Heel Pads, CBI-2, Made in USA, Misleading Marking? Dear Mr. Rodriquez:

Classification of Footwear.

The Classification, User Fees and Country of Origin Marking of Footwear from the Dominican Republic; CBI-2; CR 10.24

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