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The tariff classification of motor vehicle headlamps from Mexico

The tariff classification of CVD diamond components from The Netherlands

The tariff classification and country of origin determination of a lighted vanity mirror from China.

Application for Further Review of Protest No. 3701-94-100020, concerning duty-free importation of a secondary telescopemirror under 9812.00.20, Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the UnitedStates.

The tariff classification of the H.VIR 60 inspection window from France

The tariff classification of mounted objective lenses andmounted ocular (eyepiece) lenses for riflescopes from Austria.

The tariff classification of lamp lenses from Canada and Mexico

NY 8187 86 affirmed; plastic lenses for automobile lamps, mounted and unmounted; front parking lamp lenses, side marker lamp lenses, tail light lenses; lenses with molded patterns to direct light from the bulb; optical elements; parts of lighting equipment, subheading 8512.90; Section XVI, Note 1(m); NY 816227, NY 818099

PRD 3195-95-100193; Cletop Type A Connector Cleaner, Self- Contained Fiber Optic Connector Cleaning Device; Hand-Held Device for Cleaning Contaminants From the Ends of Fiber Optic Connectors; Other Made Up Textile Articles; Heading 8479, Other Machines and Mechanical Appliances; Trans Atlantic Co. v. U.S., HQ 089411, HQ 950065, HQ 952552, HQ 956882; Composite Good, Essential Character, GRI 3(b)

The tariff classification of parabolic mirror in a mounting from Russia

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