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The tariff classification of a lighting fitting part from Australia.

NAFTA country of origin and marking of a MIC Percutaneous Placement Kit

The tariff classification of filter plates from China

Article 509; NAFTA; advance ruling

The tariff classification of photographic optical filters

The tariff classification of automotive lights, signaling equipment and their parts and accessories from Italy

PRD 3001-93-100579; Framed Aircraft Mirror, Glass With Silver Backing Buffed With Cerium Oxide; Glass Mirrors, Framed, Subheading 7009.92.10, 7009.92.50; Prisms, Mirrors, Other Optical Elements, Subheading 9001.90.60; Chapter 90, Note 1(d); Optically Worked Glass, Chapter 90, Additional U.S. Note 1; Civil Aircraft Agreement (CAA) Dear Sir:

Precision optical lenses created by cutting, grinding, polishing, thin film coating and testing. GSP; substantial transformation; constituent material; Texas Instruments; Torrington; Superior Wire; 055722; 555644; National Juice; Uniroyal

The tariff classification of tail lamp lenses from Taiwan

Glass Lens Blanks; GRI 1; spectacles; other than spectacles; optically worked

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