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PRD 2704-94-100441; Passenger Shuttle Cabin, Part of ShuttleVehicle; Railway, Tramway Passenger Coach Without Truck or Bogie, Passenger Compartment, Incomplete, Unfinished Shuttle Vehicle, Heading 8605.00.00, GRI 2(a); HQ 957777, HQ 957790 Dear District Director: This is our decision on Protest 2704-94-100441, filed against your classification of the VSL Shuttle Cabin fromSwitzerland. The entry under protest was liquidated on November 12, 1993, and this protest timely filed on February 10, 1994. FACTS: The article under protest is the Mirage/Treasure Island Metro Shuttle Cabin, also referred to as the VSL passenger shuttle cabin. After importation, the shuttle cabin will beassembled with a truck or bogie into a shuttle vehicle to serveas the passenger-carrying component of a people mover call

Incomplete, Unfinished Railway or Tramway Passenger Coach, Not Self-Propelled; Partially Outfitted Railway Carbody Imported Without Underframe and Truck or Bogie; Essential Character, GRI 2(a); Heading 8605.00.00; Parts of Railway or Tramway Rolling Stock; HQ 089208 and HQ 952234 Revoked Dear Mr. O'Kelly:

Halfbody Shells for Light Rail Vehicles, Self-Propelled Railway or Tramway Passenger Coaches, Unfinished, Heading 8603, Essential Character, GRI 2(a); Parts of Railway or Tramway Rolling Stock, Heading 8607; HQ 084845, HQ 089208, HQ 950118

The tariff classification of a disassembled self-propelled passenger train and separately shipped components of same from Switzerland

The tariff classification of a recreational railway from Canada

Eligibility of not self-propelled railway passenger car bodies for duty-free treatment under the GSP; C.S.D. 85-25; 553574; 055684; 555702

IA 44/92; Railway Carbodies; Railway Passenger Cars Not Self-Propelled; Unfinished Railcars; GRI 2(a); HQ 089208; HQ 950118; American Import Co. v. U.S.; General Explanatory Note to Chapter 86; Explanatory Note 86.07; 8607.99.10

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