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Capacitor Voltage Transformer; Protest No. 2904-0-000003

Protest No. 1704-93-100444; "FL500" Flaps bite-wing tabs; Chapter 90, note 2; HQ 087704; NY 837956; heading 3921; heading 9018; EN 90.18

Piezo Transducer, Piezo Ceramic Resonator Disc; Acoustic Signalling Device; Combination Backup Light and Alarm; Stainless Steel Wafer Layered With Ceramic and Silver; Visual and Sound Signaling Apparatus, Heading 8531; Section XVI, Note 2; Part of Automobile Back-Up Apparatus, Electrical Signaling Equipment of a Kind Used on Motor Vehicles, Heading 8512 Dear Mr. Gottlieb:

Steel forged ball valves; hand operated valves; Subheading8481.80.90; GRI 2(a); The Carrington Co., United GeophysicalCorp. v. The United States; Section XVI, note 2(a); Section XVI,note 2(b).

Panel block keyboard for use in a computer printer as a controller and status indicator; board or panel for the electric control or the distribution of electricity; control board, control panel

Classification of women's camisoles

Request for Internal Advice No. 55/91; Epoxy Prepreg; Subheading 7019.20.20; HQ 087721; GRI 2(b); GRI 3(b); Headings 3921, 7019, 8546, 8547, and 8548

The tariff classification of various chemicals from Japan.

Lumped Constant Delay Lines; Inductors; Capacitors; Passive; Active; Analog, Digital, Video, Audio Signals; Automatic Data Processing Units; Suitable For Use Principally With A Certain Machine Or Article

Parts for Printing Plate Processors

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