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Protest 0901-93-101705; ceramic insulators; non-originating material; Japanese origin porcelain; CFTA; 8547; General Note 3(c)(vii)(B)(2); change in tariff classification; General Note 3(c)(vii)(R)(16)(bb); EN 85.46; GRI 2(a); incomplete or unfinished article; essential character; EN Rule 3(b)

Request for Internal Advice 04/026 regarding the classification of bushings used with electrical transformers

Classification of Ceramic Insulators; Internal Advice

Ductile Cast Iron Parts for Electrical Insulators; 8546.20.00

Application for further review of Protest No. 2720-97-100566; 19 U.S.C. 1520(c)(1); mistake of fact; classification of thyristor modules; classification of parts; ABB Power Transmission v. United States; Taban co. v. United States; Zaki Corp. v. United States

Protest No. 2501-89-000051; Ceramic Pieces; GRI 1; Note 2, Section XVI; 8547.10.80; EN 85.47; insulating fittings; 8546.20.00; EN 85.46; electrical insulators; 089276; 950868; Kyocera International; parts; electronic integrated circuit

Pg. 1 of 1 • 6 results