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Protest 2704-93-100094; graphite cathode blocks; Note 1, and Additional U.S. Note 1, Chapter 69; ceramic; substantially crystalline; Eastalco Aluminum Co. v. United States; used to line electrical furnaces; refractory brick; 8545.90.40; used for electrical purposes; Additional U.S. Rule of Interpretation 1(a); principal use

Tariff classification of Long Lite Carbon Sticks from Japan. Dear Ms. Cook:

Protest 3001-95-100049; 19 U.S.C. 1520(c)(1); error inclassification; liquidation contrary to instructions; approval ofsimilar issue in section 1520(c)(1) request; HQ 75-0026; HQ223110.

The classification and country of origin of two types of automotive heater pads from Germany and Hungary.

The tariff classification of a graphite based electrically and thermally conductive interface pad from various countries.

The tariff classification of Cathode Blocks from France

The tariff classification and country of origin marking for Hi-Carbon heating sheets from South Korea.

The tariff classification of an electrical heating film from Germany

Protest 2904-98-100019; artificial machined graphite; articles of graphite of a kind used for electrical purposes; ENs 38.01; 85.45

The tariff classification of GRAPHITE PRODUCTS from Japan

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