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Ferrite cores; 8505.90.80; electromagnets; EN 85.05; 8543.80.90; other electrical apparatus, having individual functions not specified or included elsewhere in this chapter; other parts of cathode-ray tube; part of a part; Additional U.S. Rule of Interpretation 1(c); United States v. David E. Porter; Ideal Toy Corporation v. United States

The tariff classification of Conversion Adjustment Tape (CAT) from Japan

Protest 1704-04-100111; Electron Guns, Parts of Cathode-Ray Tubes; Treatment, 19 U.S.C. 1625(c)

Article 509; advance ruling; NAFTA; exception to the change in tariff classification not applicable

The tariff classification of parts of deflection yokes from Japan

The tariff classification of an electron gun for a cathode-ray tube from Singapore.

Article 509, NAFTA; exception to change in tariff shift rulenot satisfied; parts; RVC

The tariff classification of an EB5 Electron Gun and filaments from England

The tariff classification of Electron Gun Mounts from Brazil and Mexico

Television Deflection Yoke Parts; Liner; Cross Arm; Corrector; Ferrite Core; Electro-magnets; Spools, Cones and Similar Supports; Insulated Fittings for Electrical Machines; Ejusdem Generis; Section XVI, notes 1(c) and 2; Additional U.S. Rule of Interpretation 1(c); Headings 6909, 8505, 8547; ENs 69.09, 85.05, 85.47; HQs 953074, 955777; NY 800718, affirmed

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