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"ROTODAT" Passive Data Communication Device; Programmable Logic Controllers; Accessory; HQ 955987; Chapter 90, Note 6; Explanatory Note 85.37; 8537.10.90; 9032.90.60

Protest 1601-94-100144; Dry Cleaning and Laundry Equipment; Extractor Press; Batch System Dryer; Shuttle Conveyor; Call- Off Control; Section XVI, Note 4; Functional Unit; NY 884323; 8450.20.00

Protest 2304-94-100077; airbag sensors; sensor; wire harness; metal bracket; NY 840600; 8536.50.00; other switches; Kyocera International, Inc., v. United States; 9032.89.60; other automatic regulating and controlling instruments and apparatus; Note 6, Chapter 90; other parts and accessories of the motor vehicles of headings 8701 to 8705; EN 87.08; Note 2(f) and (g), Section XVII; General EN (III) PARTS AND ACCESSORIES, Section XVII; HRL 088477

The tariff classification of various hydraulic control valves from Italy, as well as electronic interlock units, electrical relays, and microprocessor based transmission controllers from Sweden

Panel block keyboard for use in a computer printer as a controller and status indicator; board or panel for the electric control or the distribution of electricity; control board, control panel

The tariff classification of PROCESS SWISS and GOUDA cheeseand PROCESS GOUDA and "CHESTER" TYPE (CHEDDAR and CHEDDAR-LIKE)cheeses from the Netherlands.

The tariff classification of Silmond coated garments fromJapan, Macau and Hong Kong

The tariff classification of a "ChatterBox" wrist watchexported from Hong Kong, made in China.

Dual surge suppressor; Heading 8536; Heading 8541; Chapter85, note 5(b)(iii); Van Nostrand's Scientific Encyclopedia; BasicElectronics Theory, with Projects and Experiments; IEEE StandardDictionary of Electrical and Electronics Terms; Subheading8541.10.00; ENs 85.41 (A)(I); Subheading 8542.11.00; Chapter 85,note 5(b)(i); Chapter 85, note 5; ENs 85.36(c); H. Conf. Rep. No.576.

Bestwood Smart Home System

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