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The tariff classification of anti-shoplifting security tags from Mexico.

Piezo Transducer, Piezo Ceramic Resonator Disc; Acoustic Signalling Device; Combination Backup Light and Alarm; Stainless Steel Wafer Layered With Ceramic and Silver; Visual and Sound Signaling Apparatus, Heading 8531; Section XVI, Note 2; Part of Automobile Back-Up Apparatus, Electrical Signaling Equipment of a Kind Used on Motor Vehicles, Heading 8512 Dear Mr. Gottlieb:

Magnetic door contacts; spacer; Subheading 8536.90.00;Subheading 8547.20.00; Subheading 8531.90.00; Section XVI, Note2(a).

The tariff classification of two models of radio frequency receivers (Part #s R7 and R8) and a radio frequency transmitter (Part # PT4) from China.

The tariff classification of push-button switches and a floor receptacle from China.

The tariff classification of Liquid Crystal Display Panels Containing Permanently Etched Icons and Lacking Drive Electronics from Japan and Other Countries

Tariff classification of magnetic security tags or labels

Internal Advice 4/91; Burglar and Fire Alarm Systems; Unfinished; Essential Character; Control Panel

Protest 3196-98-100028; Liquid crystal glass substrates; Glass sandwiches; Sharp Microelectronics Technology, Inc. v. United States

The tariff classification of wireless alarm detectors

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