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The tariff classification of parts of motors; Article 509

The tariff classification and status under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), of a rotor assembly from Mexico; Article 509

The tariff classification of motor parts and inductors from Russia and Byelarus

The tariff classification and country of origin marking requirements of a spring clip from Canada

Printed circuit board assembly; HQ 953381 revoked; EN 91.14; Chapter 91, note 1(g), 4; heading 8503

The tariff classification of a motor and parts from Germany

Throttle Control Cable, Engine Throttle Cable; Cable for Throttling Fuel in Carburetor of Engine in Electric Generating Set; Stranded Wire, Ropes and Cables, Heading 7312; HSC Document 37.700 Annex G/14; HQ 953111, HQ 954102, HQ 954104 Dear Mr. Heck:

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