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Semiprecious stone beads; revocation of HRL 082569, dated November 17, 1989

The tariff classification of temporarily strung semi-preciousstones and loose semi-precious stones from Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Fire opals; rough semi-precious gemstones; cut and polished semi-precious gemstones; Explanatory Notes 71.02 and 71.03; Annex to the Explanatory Notes to chapter 71; subheading 9802.00.50

The tariff classification of precious and semiprecious gemstones from Brazil.

The tariff classification of precious and semiprecious stones from various countries.

The tariff classification of a precious and semipreciousstones imported from West Germany.

Classification of semiprecious stone beads

Protest No. 1303-92-100061; tumbled semi-precious gemstones; semi-precious gemstones that are otherwise worked than simply sawn or roughly shaped; subheading 7103.10.40; Explanatory Note 71.03; Gem Cutting: A Lapidary's Manual

The tariff classification of unset polished opals, 18kt yellow gold jewelry set with opals and diamonds, and gold plated base metal watches with mosaic opal faces from Australia.

The tariff classification of cut and polished precious andsemiprecious stones from Sri Lanka.

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