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Prepreg; GRI 2(b); GRI 3(b); HQ 087721; HQ 951321; Heading 7019

Request for Internal Advice No. 55/91; Epoxy Prepreg; Subheading 7019.20.20; HQ 087721; GRI 2(b); GRI 3(b); Headings 3921, 7019, 8546, 8547, and 8548

Protest No. 2704-90-005217; Fabric, woven glass fiber

The tariff classification, and status under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), of yarn made of glass, acrylic and brass wire, from Mexico; Article 509

The tariff classification of glass fiber woven fabric from Indonesia and Russia.

NYRL 833626 revoked. Coated yarn for braided valve stempacking material of man-made fiber and glass and Teflon istextile article for technical uses with essential characterimparted by man-made fibers.

The tariff classification of re-cycled fiberglass chopped strands from Canada

The tariff classification of cut fiber glass strands from China

The tariff classification of fiberglass yarn from Mexico.

The tariff classification of Computer CRT monitors from Mexico

Pg. 1 of 42 • 414 results