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The tariff classification of imitation gemstones from Italy.

The tariff classification of glass crystal spheres fromAustria.

The tariff classification of glass pendants, glass imitation gemstones and decorative glass stones from Taiwan.

Protest Review Decision 1001-96-102529; Glass in the shapes of flat squares and rounds, and pyramids for glass decorative articles; HQ 087114; GRI 1; EN 70.20; glass articles of various shapes: smooth, spherical-shaped articles; faceted (eight or twelve-sided) spherical or elongated shapes; five-sided polyhedrons in the form of a house and a Dutch colonial-style roof; subheading 7013.99, as decorative glass articles versus subheading 7020.00, as other articles of glass; EN 70.02; Heading 7018; HQ 957456

Protest Review Decision No. 2304-96-100073; "Sea Shell Collection;" glassware; shaped glass decorative articles; Heading 7013; HQ 958110; Heading 7018; glass smallwares; HQ 957456; HQ 952104 not applicable; HQ 958110 affirmed

Reconsideration of HQ 089880; Imitation Jewelry; Imitation Gemstones; Imitation Precious or Semiprecious Stones; Plastic; Glass; GRI 2(a); GRI 3(a); Chapter 70, Additional U.S. Note 5; U.S. v. Astra Trading Corp.

The tariff classification of glass rhinestones from Korea.

"Good Vibes Crystal: Rainbow Maker"; HRL 952104; Additional U.S. Note 5, Chapter 70; imitation precious or semiprecious stones

The tariff classification of glass rhinestones from Korea

Internal Advice; Tariff classification of glass and plastic “jeweled” covers for cell phones

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