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Protest 1001-93-104821; Glass Vials; Accessory to Spectrophotometer; heading 9027; EN 90.27;

Protest No. 4909-91-100196; PVC coated vials; laboratory glassware; glassware containers of a kind used for the conveyance or packing of goods; subheading 7010.90.05; Explanatory Note(e) to heading 70.10; Explanatory Note 70.17; HRL 084710; HRL 086214; HRL 087359

The tariff classification of a laboratory glassware article from Germany

The tariff classification of five laboratory glassware articles from China

Application for Further Review of Protest No. 4909-07-100028; glass bottles

Internal Advice on Laboratory/Pharmaceutical bottles Internal Advice Request 50/89

Classification of glassware used to ship biological media

Reconsideration of Headquarters Ruling Letter 084710; Laboratory glassware

The tariff classification of a glass container from Taiwan.

The tariff classification of laboratory glassware fromCanada

Pg. 1 of 3 • 29 results