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The tariff classification and status under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) of ceramic toilet tanks and bowls from Mexico, Article 509

Protest 2304-94-10060; ceramic sanitary ware; AdditionalU.S. Note (5)a; Lewis, Trustee v. U.S., U.S v. MercantilDistribuidora S.A.,, U.S. v. Kurt Orban Co., U.S. vs. TwinWintons; Webster's Dictionary; HRL 058617; British Standard5416; ASTM C242: Industrial Ceramics and Introduction toCeramics; HRLs 058617, 958647

The tariff classification of Living Space Bathtub Toiletry Set Style LS-20-004 from China, Canada, U.S. and packed in Canada

Mexican-Made Sanitary Ware; Domestic Interested PartyPetition; HRLs 058617, 957520

The tariff classification of sinks, faucets and cabinets from Taiwan, China, the Philippines and Malaysia.

Application for further review of Protest No. 2304-94-100127; 19 U.S.C. 1520(C)(1); mistake of fact; classification of sanitary ware; GSP; failure to submit GSP documentation; legal determination; ITT Corporation v. United States; Occidental Oil & Gas Co. v. United States

Internal Advice #10/108; Classification of Ceramic Toilets and Other Sanitary FixturesAttn Yolanda Sanchez, Import Specialist

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