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TSVME 551 68020 Dual-Port Ethernet Controller; TSVME 541 X.25 Communication Board; Logic and Support Circuitry Necessary for Communication Over Private or Public Data Networks; Local Area Network; Wide Area Network; Telegraphic Apparatus

Protest 2809-94-101196; alabaster wall sconces and lighting pendants; parts; 7116.20.20; semi-precious; Note 1(a), Chapter 71; General EN 3 to Section XIV; EN Annex to Section XIV; EN 71.16; 6802.91.30; alabaster worked monumental or building stone and articles thereof; EN 68.02; Note 1(k), Chapter 68; other parts of lamps and lighting fittings, not elsewhere specified or included; EN 94.05; Note 1(c), Chapter 94

Protest 3401-94-100004; desk nameplates; green marble; serpentine; semi-precious; 6802.99.00; other stone; General EN 3 to Section XIV; EN Annex to Section XIV; EN 71.16; grade of stone; HRL 950057; HRL 955355; Legal Note 1(d), Chapter 68

The tariff classification of a stone structure from Germany

Programmable Communication Processors PCP S240, S400, S4500, 5500; Packet Switching Backbone Node; X.25 Concentrator Node; Multiprotocol Network Access Node; LAN; WAN; Automatic Data Processing Machine; ADP; Control or Adapter Units; Telegraphic Switch; HQ 086035 (revoked by HQ 951331); HQ 952628

The tariff classification of various chemicals from Thailand,Brazil, India or Germany. Dear Mr. Kraker:

24" high, 17" wide at the top, with 11" base. Stylized flowers have been molded into the surface of the concave potion of the top of the article. Other floral designs appear on the exterior of the base segment. The two segments have been molded so that the top can be securely fastened to the base by twisting matching nodes and grooves. The entire article weighs 2 lbs, 15 oz.

The tariff classification of alabaster boxes from Italy

The tariff classification of granite from Italy

Protest 2904-96-100148; floor and mosaic limestone; tiledtabletop

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