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Classification of Goods Used to Make Packing Material

The tariff classification of a spunbonded-meltblown filter material from Japan.

The tariff classification of sealing sleeves (developer sleeves) for blueprint copiers, from Canada.

The tariff classification of a Palmer Blanket for use on a sanforizer machine, from Mexico.

Application for Further Review of Protest No. 1401-94-100186; classification of air filtermedia

Request for further review of protest no. 0401-90-000305. Filter cloth; straining cloth; bolting cloth; technical

Impregnated yarns and cords used to absorb sea water in fiber optic cables are not cords for technical uses. Acrylic; resin; visible; naked; eye

Modification of HRL 083459; photocopier document feed belt;Note 7(b), Chapter 59; Notes 1(a), 2(b), Chapter 90; only textilearticles of heading 5911 excluded from Chapter 90 by virtue ofNote 1(a).

Computer terminal screen shield

Fabric for lead acid batteries

Pg. 1 of 38 • 371 results